Sunday, July 1, 2012

Verifying your Paypal Account with BPI MyEPrepaid

The BPI My E-Prepaid Card, got it in Azure

It took me a long while to find the right card that can verify my Paypal account. Don't get me wrong, I had not yet intended to withdraw using my Paypal account but I needed one for those Pay-to-Click sites I had been using. I felt relieved when I first saw BPI My E-Prepaid.
To open a BPI My E-Prepaid account, you would need to go to a branch and wait for 5 days or it is best for you to do it online. (I did mine online and I got it in 2 weeks at my BPI branch because I stll had to finish some schoolwork ). You would have to present your purchase agreement and a fee worth 500 pesos to the section of your nominated branch that releases the card. Yes, the fee is 500 pesos for 2 years validity.

After acquiring the card, you can load it through the following (listed the convient ways)
1. If you have BPI Express Online account, you can register your BPI EPrepaid card to be able to receive Funds Transfer from your registered BPI, BPI Family Bank or BPI Direct Account.
2.You can load it through the Special Services section of your BPI Express Teller account, it works the same for BPI Express Cash.
3. You can also check out some branches availability of Cash Deposit Machines where you can insert notes (P 100, 500 and 1000 respectively)

For paypal verification, you should have loaded at least P 200 on your account. I had loaded P 300.00

After which, you can go to your Paypal Account:
1. Add your BPI My EPrepaid as a credit/debit card and the 3-digit CVC code at the back of your card to your PayPal account. Click on the Verify link to initiate the process.
2. After doing so, email to get your Expuse Code. It took me the next day after emailing to get my expuse code. You would have to include your email and card number.
3. If you have registered your card with BPI Express Online, you can check it with the last 5 transactions on your portfolio.
4. Enter the EXPUSE code to be able to verify your account.


Vanneza Villegas said...

hi po..pano ko ma register ung my e prepaid ko?saan ko pwede e categorize?tnxxx po

di ko pa talaga na verfy account ko..pls po if pwede mail mo ko if ok lang po

i highly appreciate po tlga tnx so much

Michelle Anne Constantino said...

categorized siya as Mastercard :) can you explain further yung mga ginawa mo na hopefully I can help you.

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